Time to make your closet lighter and your shopping happier!



Every now and then we are complaining about our wardrobe, about how our closet could no longer offer us anything interesting to wear. We are bored to death with the apparel hanging there in the little boxed corner of our room. Still, it takes the courage of Hercules to clear up our entire wardrobe! Anyhow, we do manage to do the right thing – spending the entire day (or a week) to decide what to keep inside the closet and what to throw out. It’s a no joke to purge shoes, accessories, clothes, bags out of your life, which you have so much memories (and money) attached to! Yes, it is therapeutic in some way because you get to know about two things.

First, the serious style changes you need to implement. You never tend to realize how your style is taking a dull or flashy road. Because once you are out in the street for shopping expedition you tend to start buying all sort of things that catches your eye. It could be a pure chicken kurta in pastel hue or a pair of black leather pants or both (at same time!). So when you are in process of analyzing every single element of your wardrobe, you will come to know which stuff actually defines your personality.

Second and the most exuberant thing of all is a new shopping adventure. It’s a sure shot remedy of the whole nervous tension thing or let us call it a ‘now-I –actually-have-nothing-to-wear’ phobia. You can stash your closet with whole new style pieces. And try to invest in a few but multifarious articles. Like instead of spending on 4 different shades of kurtas, invest in a classic white or off white kurta. You can team it up with a pair of legging, denim, a long skirt or a salwaar. When it comes to accessory, spend on some old gun metal /black metal/silver neck piece. It will add that ethnic zing to your style. Men, on the other hand, can go for some basic pastel shades in shirts and a classic polo t-shirt. Adding a rich brown or beige blazer (style may vary) will give you a ready to go look for any business meeting.

Keeping your closet breathable may seem a tough task but it’s a good thing. You will have less time to dump, you will be able to dress more quickly and your fashion brain will run with a horses’ speed. You will be able to spend on the actual things you need. Like a branded leather bag, a good looking pair of shoes, grooming gadgets and what not!

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