What makes discounted coupons so special ?



E-stores have diversified their selling propositions by stashing every little thing in their stock inventory. From computer peripherals to fashion solutions, furniture to groceries, you can order anything and everything from your smart phone. With multiple payments facility offered by these virtual retailers, excellent packaging, fast delivery service and round the clock customer support is adding thousands of satisfied e-shoppers every day.

Times have changed and so have consumers. The people who were earlier known as shoppers have now shifted gears to become super-shoppers. These new age shoppers are more tech savvy and are well aware of every nuances of the digital world. Serving this new consumer base has become a challenge. That’s how coupon impacts on online shopping trend are escalating day by day or better say every hour.

What’s about coupons?

The discounted coupons or offer coupons are generally classified into two variants- discounted cash and percentage off. Let’s say you have selected a coupon which says – `500 off on a certain product then it is discounted cash coupon. Similarly if a coupon says – 45% off then it is percentage off coupon.

The coupon is generated from two ends – manufacturer and retailer. The coupons raised from manufacturer’s end are aimed to initiate purchase through any possible way. Like rebook, Samsung announcing discounts on their products. Whereas coupons rose from retailers’ end are aimed to escalate sales through their own medium. Like flipkart, Amazon announcing season’s sale on electronics.

What advantages do coupon websites have?

The biggest plus of having around coupon websites like CouponBenz is that they save consumer’s time, money and resources. Although e-shopping is fast but surfing through various ecommerce websites to compare the deal can be really taxing, not to mention the time wastage and the confusion. CouponBenz has cataloged numerous deals and discounted coupons on myriad of products and services, and that too at one place.

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