Add Fun to your Lifeless Workspace with these cool Gadgets



Like it or not, your work of place is where you end up spending maximum hours of the day (and nights when you are juggling with the project deadline!). Every morning when you head straight to the office, you may not be welcomed with bright smiles and warm handshakes and kick starting your daily office struggle with a bored sigh is not cool for you. Don’t worry we are not going to lecture you on ‘start your day with positivity’ or ‘how you can be the star employee’ stuff. You can figure it out on your own, we know. This blog is about all the fun elements you can ‘buy’ to brighten up the dull and colorless work space of yours.

These cool office stuffs will add a colorful, playful and geeky zing to your work hours. Let’s check them out.

Starting with a Mouse!

We all have grown up watching and laughing at Jerry’s rib tickling trick to escape Tom’s reach. Yes he is the favorite mouse of all times but Logitech’s 3D MX Air Mouse will be fun for your workstation too!  From gliding on a flat surface to diving in the air,

this mouse can do it all! You can access media controls like playback and volume controls from the mouse (yes, no need to search for the volume controls on the screen).


Coming to Keyboard!

The sharp, clean lines and cuts- Logitech di Novo Edge is more like a well-crafted and attractive hardware piece. Believe us, if you try hard enough to persuade your boss (don’t forget your performance grades!) you can be lucky enough to get this power gadget. We bet you will feel no less than a spaceship crusader! Coming on to its features, it can fit in smartly to your short desk space, can run straight for 2 months with one charge, can glide on your scroll touch and at last, we have no words for whisper-quiet scissor-switch keys.


USB Whack it

We are not sure about you, but our every team mate has a fond memory of peek-a-boo-ing moles in to their dirty little holes (just a toy) during their childhood. We all loved our version of whack it. If you get this little USB whack it, then you can ease out all of pent up work pressure without actually smashing one of your co-worker!


Personal One Cup Pod Brewer

Truly speaking, we are not sure if your office will allow this device to your work station, but you can always try once! This tiny-miny coffee maker can make a deliciously aromatic cup of hot coffee. We are suggesting this because you know, anyone could get tired of boring office coffee. If you have a taste for any particular coffee pod then you should get this one immediately. What could be more relaxing than a steaming coffee, right?


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