Quick tips for your next ‘budget’ grocery shopping!



Grocery or what we call it ‘daal paani’ of our house is as necessary as IND vs PAK cricket match. You just can’t afford to miss it. Okay, we might be exaggerating it a bit but seriously people, you can’t possibly imagine a home without grocery. It may depend what you are stocking your kitchen cabinets with – it could be a minimal fill up with all basics coffee, cream, eggs, snacks, juices or sauces. Or it could be a complete kitchen load up – from spices to bakery stuff. What bothers us the most is, the escalating inflation rate. It will burn a hole in your pocket every time you are out for shopping.

So readers, we have decided to cheer up your shopping spirits. We have included all kind of wise tips in our well thought list. Keep on reading-

  • Diet and Nutrition experts, doctors, mothers, grandmothers and ‘pados wali aunty’ – they all have one great advice for us – beta eat fruits as much as you can and as many as you can. While it’s good to consume lots of fruit because its high fiber content and other nutritional value keeps body hydrated, light and energized. But its simple foolishness to buy non seasonal fruits especially when your pocket does not allows. Think it for yourself, would you take a ‘fruit loan’ to buy out of -season avocados, kiwis, or pomegranate? Why not just buy what is fresh, easily available and fits well in budget?

  • We are very delighted to introduce you to this ‘budget tip’. Just bookmark couponbenz.com on your home page. You can have an easy access to hundreds of discounts and offer coupons for your daily grocery shopping. You can add this site to your liked pages on Facebook as well. This way you can get hold of every latest deal.

  • Now you have to work up a little bit with your brain. You need to do some mix and match with your kitchen ingredients. Like if you are very fond of any particular brand of chocolate spread which turns out to be expensive, you can turn to real chocolate packs. Just get a `5 plain milk chocolate, place it between bread slices and put it on your grill pan on light heat. It will taste much better than your expensive spread! Or you can always opt for muesli for better breakfast options which otherwise include fruit smoothies and shakes and cornflakes mix. Or you can opt for organic tea instead for imported tea box worth couple of hundred bucks.

  • Practice your mathematics skill well! Yes we are serious. You need to keep a strict budget line and need to keep a check on your savings and overflow. Also, prepare a stock list – what you already have in your kitchen cupboard or refrigerator and what you need to add. It will save you from buying unnecessary items.

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