Twitter’s ‘hamburger’ that we failed to spot?



We know ‘the Hamburger’ is not among the favorites of many and is at the receiving end of expert’s critic comments. Yet, it has refreshed how twitter looked and felt in our smartphones. The social media giant has refurbished its menu theme few months back and we kind of overlooked it or you can say not much people were interested in discussing the new update?


The Hamburger Menu icon is represented by three vertical lines

The reason why it is criticized is lack of its intuitiveness. Most of the menu icons (home, notification, message, activity, trending, find people, me) are hidden in a side panel, which could be easily overlooked.


The sidebar menu of twitter

However, the Twitter introduced this hamburger menu to maximize their user’s app experience. The floating ‘tweet’ action button is our favorite. It is designed to motivate the twitterati to compose a new tweet without indulging in any kind of second thought.


The floating tweet button at the bottom of the page

The company is also working on the new tweet composer design for iOS. Presently, the tweet compose panel is not an active part of the feed page. It appears only after you click the floating tweet button.  The new testing design places the compose panel on the top, as a part of the page which displays all the tweets. The attachment options will still appear after you click on the composer panel.


The present tweet compose panel of twitter


The new compose tweet panel for the iOS (in testing)

Well, Android users might have to wait long to receive this update on their smart devices and we are pretty excited to unwrap the all new android features, aren’t we?

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