Is Google working on Android and Chrome OS replacement?



There is a latest gossip doing rounds in the technology community & the gossip is about Google’s latest project. The American multinational technology company is working on a new operating system and is keeping the related information under the wraps.

Presently, Google has Android, which is used by masses as mobile operating system; Chrome, which is widely used as a computer operating system and, Android Wear for wearable smart devices. The latest project, according to Google’s project page on codding site GitHub, is defined as Pink + Purple = Fuchsia.

If, theories running in all places are to be believed, this new OS will replace Google’s existing operating systems – Chrome and android. The tech pundits believe that google is devising Magenta for this upcoming OS. Fuchsia will efficiently work on all devices – from computers to wearable smart devices. It could be seen as ‘the OS’ for next gen’s ultra-modern connected world which could unify the OS for cars, smartphones and other embedded devices.

As for now, we all are eagerly waiting for Google’s revelation and how well could Fuchsia replace the already existing as well as extremely popular operating systems

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