Time to hack off the heavy Luggage for your Weekend Getaway



The moment when you make your final decision for the weekend getaway, all the neurons exhilarate on the thought of packing up. You get so excited by just imagining yourself in that coolest dress which sit untouched in your closet! Then slowly and quietly your mind betrays your determination of going light with luggage. Yes, it happens, to everyone and on every such occasion.

To help your hazy brain over what to pack and what not to, we have listed some of the blockbuster tips (Applicable on Men too)-

  • Starting with top wear – you don’t have to carry every dress or top in every color. You can also leave behind that every single piece that hasn’t witness the bright sunlight. Keep it simple and comfortable. Carry 3 or 4 items for top wear. It could be t-shirts (with varying neckline and sleeves), a combination of 2 t-shirts and 2 dresses/shirts/vests (with variation in the hemline or length). Rest depends on the nature of the destination you are heading to. Like you can carry a wind-cheater or a light hoodie pull over or a cozy shrug.

  • Coming to bottom wear – The sound of carrying jeans+trouser+plazo+short+flodder+pants, is clearly dumb. Because you are not going to walk the fashion ramp but to enjoy few days from your very tiring daily life. A pair of jeans/jegging/legging and shorts are more than enough.

  • Then Footwear – It purely depends on the nature of your trip. You can carry a combo of Hiking/running/sneakers and flip-flops/slip-ons.

  • Most Importantly –Backpack/luggage bag – try to pick a bag which can mold to your necessity. Comfortable shoulder straps, enough zips and pockets, water proof nature. These are the star points.

  • Last- Accessories – There is really no dead end like situation if you drop your heavy jewelry/accessory box. A watch or smart band is good.

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