It is called fashion for the Eyes!



Flaunting your style and choosing the right fashion for it – is all what many fashion blogs and websites advice. But for the men who work day in and day out for their client and business meetings, fashion seems a distant thing. They hardly have any interest in surfing through tens of fashion websites and blogs to collect what suits them best. So here we are, with a blog packed with all necessary ingredients for that perfect eyewear fashion.


Starting with the classics, Aviators are the must haves. Even if you do not care much about your eyeglasses, you should own these super hit frames. From a smart business suit, to a casual polo t-shirt, aviators can rock any look.


See through Frames

A style that rocked in 70’s, see through frames can add a distinctive appeal to your personality. Two things you need to check – the style of the frames and color of the lens (the light tinted color).


New York Fashion Week February 2012

New York Fashion Week February 2012

Round Frames

With Mr. Harry Potter as the brand ambassador, the round frames are great companion for any kind of clothing. Just carry them with a ‘swag’. From cool blue to classic black and dessert brown, you can experiment with colors.



If you are thinking about the next frame we will suggest, then surely, you have no clues!

Geometric Sunglasses

A uniquely defined frame, which would suit every face cut, geometric frames are the latest trending in eye wear fashion. You must try them on –


Experiment with colors

Do not let any color define you. Yes, Imbibe different hues in your style and stand ahead of the crowd.


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