Mobile Apps you Never Heard About, But will Make Your Life Simpler



There is nothing mundane about this blog. We will not list apps stocked in Play Store or iTunes neither we will brag about the researches that we successfully located on the Internet. We will simply tell you about three applications which will save you from the most common yet most annoying complications of life.


The first in our featured list and certainly the most needed app. TAB will save your friendship from strenuous ‘let’s split the bill’ task. Once the app is installed in the phones, you will not need to solve arithmetic puzzles on the tissue napkin. Just point and shoot the bill and it’s done! The smart app will give you an option to pick the things you ordered and hence will split the bill accordingly. All of your friends can join in from their separate phones. Isn’t it the breeziest app?


Click here to download the app.


Like the name suggests, this application will let you know the best time to hop on the best plane deal. Hopper will show you the suggestion for the best time to purchase the lowest fare flights. If you prefer any particular flight, you can adjust the app settings to get notifications for that specific flight’s lowest fare.


Click here to download the app.

Task Rabbit

We bet, men will find this app more helpful. You can actually stuck off all the tasks from the to-do list with this app. Any task – be it home cleaning or any repairing, you will find the best help here.


Click here to download the app.

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