All You Need to Know About Flipkart’s ‘No Cost EMI’



Online shoppers are going gaga over the ‘No Cost EMI’ finance fiesta ushered in by Flipkart. Buyers can now comfortably get their hands on as much they can find in the electronics category. All the purchasing can be done at easy EMI’s without paying any spending on extra costs. As per Flipkart, the billing will not include any add on processing fee/down payment/interest. But is this it or is there more in the package than what meets the eye?

Here are the important things you must know in order to understand Bajaj Finserv supported Flipkart’s ‘No Cost EMI’ scheme –

It’s either EMI card or Credit Card

‘No Cost EMI’ is a joint effort by Flipkart and Bajaj Finserv to make online shopping more accessible for those masses who do not own any credit card. Can you imagine, a buyer getting a bank loan for purchasing an iPhone 6s or HD LED television? For potential buyers who have no access to credit cards, shopping via an EMI card could change the online shopping trend.

To avail ‘No Cost EMI’, you will have to make payment through credit or Bajaj Finserv EMI card.

What’s behind ‘no extra cost’?

Here is the deal – you will have to make your payment with Bajaj Finserv EMI card. Only then Flipkart will not charge for any extra fees or costs or you can say that EMI will be interest free.

Note- The offer is applicable for purchasing done on Flipkart only. If the Bajaj Finserv EMI card is used for shopping on any other websites, then standard charges will be applied.

How can one get the Bajaj EMI card?

You will have to visit Bajaj Finserv website to get an EMI card, as Flipkart is not offering any related deal. With a minimal joining fee of ₹349 and annual renewal fee of ₹99, anyone can get this card.

From anything to everything on Flipkart – Does ‘No Cost EMI’ cover all?

NO. Only certain products are covered in this category.


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