Exhale more with your Tweets, because Attachments won’t Count Anymore!



Take a good deep breath, loosen up yourself and simmer down. Because from now on, you would not have to bite your nails over editing/rephrasing your tweets just for 1 reason – because you added MEDIA to your tweet. Yeah, it felt more like a crime! At the end you had to leave out that ‘extra’ attachment. It looked like Twitter will never alter the character limits, but for the ‘good’ of twitterati, change in character limits is finally here.

This Monday (on 19th September), Twitter accomplished the proposed changes in word count limit. Now you can fully utilize the 140 limit to stuff your thoughts/opinions/everything else in written form. The supportive media content like images, GIFs, polls, videos, quoted tweets will no more eat up your already finite character limit.

On an average, these media attachments acquired 23 character space, which if huge! Exceptionally for Twitter, where limitation to express has encouraged twitterati to spot an ingenious way to express – through symbols and smileys. In similar way, the ‘#Tweetstorm’ took twitter by storm, as users started commenting/replying on their own tweets. Some of the clever users started the trend to post a screen shot of their written message.

However, the hopes are still alive that may be some day, twitter would lift the word limit or at least will extend the bar!

We will leave you with some of the hilariously awesome tweets that welcomed the latest update –




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