Android 7.0 Update: Not all is Sweet for Nexus 5X Users



The most pleasurable highlight of owning a Nexus device – android update is served as a sprinkle on the doughnut. While other high end smartphone users get bored of waiting and spending time fuming over carrier and OEM delays.

But things weren’t as smooth as candy floss recently. A bug is afflicting the Android 7.0 Nougat update in Nexus 5X, ploying them in reboot loop. Well, this year could be called a bug year for Nexus users, as earlier, the phone juggled the sound or to be precise, volume bugs. Due to which phone users were finding it hard to control the phone volume including app volume and in call volume.

Coming back to the point, Google has analyzed the bug and is sure of one thing – the issue has nothing to do with the phone software as it’s a hardware snag. While Google is still working out the bug, it has nothing stable for the bug fix except for advising phone users to get the hardware repaired.

Google is still doing its thing by analyzing the bug so as to verify whether the bug is present hardware issue or caused due to update. But for Nexus 5X users, they can still look out for the warranty claims (phone launched in September 2015).


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