Google Pixel: Year’s Second Big Release after iPhone 7



Right from the speculations of ‘The Complete Google smartphone’, there is no denying that we were expecting a bit too much. After Google’s short-lived mobile projects that includes Moto X (During 2012-2014) and much successful Nexus series, Pixel was looked upon as the current trending Apple iPhone 7’s rival. And too much of our critics’ disappointment, the phone is really not up to that mark. After Apple introduced black and jet black, it was Google’s turn to introduce quite black, really blue and very silver. However, it seems these colors are nothing that world has experienced so far! Although Pixel was not launched in a flashy larger than dream launch like iPhone 7&7 plus, but the smartphone has definitely matched up the costly pricing of Apple’s this year’s big launch. It comes with a price tag of 57,000 (the basic model) and goes up as high as 76,000. Here is a detail price tag for Google Pixel and Pixel XL –

Google Pixel      32GB   57,000

Google Pixel   128GB      66,000

Google Pixel XL   32GB   67,000

Google Pixel XL  128GB   76,000

The phone offers unlimited storage google storage for photos and videos, Daydream VR Headset, Google Duo for video calling to friends and family on android and iOS and not to forget the flash fast battery charging – 7 hours in 15 mins. The phone is said to have the best smartphone camera – 12.3 MP, Large 1.55μm pixels, and f/2.0 aperture. Not to forget the inbuilt Google assistant to resolve every query.

The pre-booking for Google Pixel and Pixel XL will start from October 13. Stay tuned to COUPONBENZ™ for latest updates and offers.


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