Getting rid of Annoying Game ‘Requests’ on Facebook



Recently when my team was discussing facebook trolls and how hilarious yet dreadful these can be, my thought lingered to that 1 category of people whom I (and mostly others) would prefer trolling. These people belong to an ardent gaming community, who alongside acing their gaming skills, believe in spreading the love of game through exasperating gaming requests.

In order to draw something more substantial, I decided to go with a poll. Part of the plan was to reach out to facebook users from different demographic profile and ask what irritates them most about fb posts and messages. It turned out I made the right guess – Game requests.


So to help all our fellow readers and friends from these ‘forever existing game requests’, i have compiled few tricks –

  • It all starts with ‘send to all’ button. When a player runs out of life or unlocks a new level, the game prompts ‘get lives from your friends’ or ‘unlock the new level with friends’. Instead of hand picking the list where the request will be sent, people often click send all. A moment later, your inbox is swamped with tens and hundreds of such requests.

  • Take your cursor on the game notification (do not click). By clicking on the little circle on the right, you will ‘read’ the notification and by clicking on the little cross, you can turn off the notification.


  • If you want to block your friend’s thrilling adventure updates (of a game), simply click on the drop down arrow in the top right corner of the post. Select the ‘Hide all….’ option and you will never have to see any updates related to that particular game.

  • If blocking post by post looks boring and tiring to you, then you can block them all, in a single move. You can block the app request form a particular facebook friend. Click on the drop down arrow on the menu, select settings and visit the blocking section. There, you can add the name of the person you wish to block the app request from.


  • On moving 2 steps down, you will notice ‘block apps’. Here you can enter names of the games or apps whose notifications you wish to block.


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