Magic Food to Beat the Winter Blues



Christmas is gone and new year is at the doorstep – winters are busy as always. Endless parties, open terrace get together on a warm sunny day and cool barbecue nights keep us wrapped in this chilly weather of festivities. But just like any other season, winters come with its own set of do’s and don’s. You can’t keep yourself away from heavy greasy food and hot fashion trends. Ignorantly, you end up with winter infections – bacterial or viral.

Here is our list of miracle food to help you beat the winter blues –

  • As kids we all hated Sualin tablets but we have a better fix. Instead of taking in as tablets, take mulethi with adrak or ginger. You can boil them in water and add honey or, sip them as a hot morning tea.  It will protect you from cold, sore throat and inflammation.


  • Vitamin C, Fibers and Antioxidants are the health boosters. Instead of popping supplementary tablets, add them to your diet in form of fruits – Apples, Oranges and Guava. These power fruits will boost your immune system and hence your ability to fight viruses.


  • Greens are winter’s’ favorite color. Try to eat as much green and leafy vegetables as you can. Add them in your salad, pastas, eat with breads, bake them or boil them to soup. These leaves are rich in calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin K and fiber.

Eat your greens ~ spinach, broccoli, curly lettuce and asparagus. Healthy eating.

  • At last, it’s time for rich and creamy besan ka halwa. Alright, it’s not a halwa in true sense but is equally appetizing. Roast besan and desi ghee in a pan, add milk and sugar to taste. Cook it for a while on first medium and then simmer flame. Add dry fruits on top. It will guarantee a sound night’s sleep and will help treat heavy cold with phlegm.



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