Your 2017 Beauty Resolutions are Here!



Beauty Resolution

Let’s brace this new year with healthy habits for mind, body and soul. It’s time to break the stereotypical lifestyle and lookout for better life hacks. This beauty blog will reveal smart and no sweat beauty hacks. Here we go –

Micellar Lotion, Cleanser and Makeup Remover

Since we have started our new year with winter chills, our first suggestion might interest you. We all hate retiring to bed with layers of makeup on and going for that old cleansing regimen is even tougher in biting cold. A micellar water constitutes tiny oil cleansing molecules.  It’s your lotion, cleanser and makeup remover and is a easiest way out.  

Switch to Sheet mask

To add to our laziness is a sloppy and sometimes muddy face pack. Homemade face packs bring along difficult stains which take forever to leave their imprints from cloths. That’s why you must try sheet packs which are also popular as ‘lazy girl’s facial’. It is a thin cotton sheet soaked in serum, which revitalize, brightens and pampers your skin.

An all rounder SPF

Pick your SPF lotion more wisely. Instead of applying 3-4 different creams and gels, it is wise to go for a SPF that offers basic skin fixtures. Depending on Your skin type, go for SPF that offers intense hydration, anti – ageing or moisturisation.

Change your pillow

We didn’t want to startle you with this unusual beauty advice, so we decided to keep it for the last. We bet you have never thought about pillow as a beauty enhancer before. Every Night when you rest your face on the pillow, all the facial oils stick to the surface of the fabric. It may cause acne and oily skin. Silk pillows will help maintain skin moisture and less friction will prevent hair breakage. Bring silk pillows and turn your sleep to beauty nap.

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