Here is World’s First Wireless Charging Hybrid Laptop by Dell



The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada gave us a glimpse of Planet earth’s very first wireless charging Laptop. While tech experts and commentators couldn’t stop gushing over this masterpiece, we stole a moment to give you a sneak peak before it actually enters the market.


This hybrid laptop has bowled us over with its advance guard design. So we decided to steal a look from the CES. You can watch it here.

Dell 2-in-1 Latitude 7285 comes with dock charging. The WiTricity Magnetic Resonance technology and WiGig docking has eliminated those bulky charging cables and adapters. WiTricity are known as wireless power innovators.the magnetic resonance technology allows power through surfaces, spatial freedom and multiple device charging. Dell will surely launch devices compatible to this charging dock in future.


You just have to pick up and place back the latitude 7285 onto the WiGig Dock or power mat (a nickname) to disconnect and connect to the charging.

For other specs, it has a brilliant 2880X1920 pixel resolution for a 12 inch screen display. Powered by Intel’s 7th Generation Kaby Lake Chipset with RAM of 8GB and 16GB (for different models).This wireless wonder offers storage of 512 GB and extra microSD card support.

The detachable screen gives you an option to use it as a tablet which has 8 MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. In tablet mode, you can use it’s battery for 6 hours, whereas as a laptop you can enjoy uninterrupted battery supply of 9 hours.


That’s not it. The Dell 2-in-1 latitude 7285 comes with two keyboards – productivity and travel keyboards.

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