5 Winter Skincare Tips You shouldn’t Miss



The warmth of bonfire, the coziness of woolens, the deliciousness of food rich in ghee and dry fruits – winters bring along the fervor in our lives. But what our skin feels in the rawness of winter is a different story. It has to battle dryness, itchiness and dullness. The real confusion starts when you have to scroll through various winter beauty products and still you are unable to put your finger on one product, because your skin type doesn’t match with that winter product.  From there you start your online quest for winter solutions and end up with expensive options that may include argan or tea tree oils.

We are ready to amaze you with hand picked ‘winter miracle products’ that could be easily found at home. So let us begin the search of following ingredients –

Fruity Face Pulp



The chilliness of icy winter winds do no good for your aging skin. Yes, aging is a natural process and we can’t stop the nature without any artificial hindrance. But we can nurture our skin with healthy fruity ingredients. Banana and Papaya are the best go-to ingredients for healthy and younger skin. These fruits combined with honey can revitalize your skin at the deeper levels, boosting the younger side.

Coconut Oil


Getting a good chumpi with warm coconut oil is an experience of heaven. Just as coconut oil does wonders for your hair scalp, it is beneficiary for your facial skin too. Gentle massage of this oil to your skin locks the moisture, hydrates and helps the outermost skin layer relax. That means no more dry, itchy and tight skin. Wash your face with cold or lukewarm water before going to bed and massage coconut oil with gentle strokes to your skin.



We love desi ghee in our food as it boosts body health from inside. Applying ghee on dry and dehydrated lips is better than any lip balm. Liquify the ghee by warming it, and gently rub it on your chapped lips. After few days of application, you will notice that now lips are well moisturized and softer than ever. It will also restore the natural pink color of your lips.
Honey and Lemon


Yes, they are a great companion in your weight loss journey and keep your digestive system happy and healthy. The concoction of these two can alleviate the prickly itching of the skin. Generally the dehydration leads  to skin irritation. Honey and lemon are the best natural ingredients for winters.

Olives and Egg


And we have saved the best for last. Olive oil and egg yolk have the best nourishing properties that enhance natural glow of the skin. Winters generally leave skin dull but protein and  Vitamin E nurtures skin and nourishes it back to a radiating glow.

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