Don’t Trash, Just recycle your Wardrobe – Here is how



Previously, we tried to inspire you to shred some weight from closet. It was a nice thing to do and we are not quite sure whether we have hit the right target or not. So, this time we decided to inspire you to not lose anything from your wardrobe. Believe us, we are not just any bunch of weird bloggers but we are mad hatters trying to woo our audience.

So coming back to the point, if you have no heart to lose your precious and age old denims and 90’s t-shirt stuff – don’t do it. We will give some simple tips to spruce up your old wardrobe. Here you go –

Patch Up your Denims

Well not particularly denims, you can do this trick with any of trousers, pants or track pants. All you need is 2-3 patches (depending on your style preference), Iron/ fabric glue/ thread & needle. Try to pick vibrant colors like red, yellow, punk blue or any neon shades. So now you can add you favorite superhero logos, foods, or emoticon to your denims and move in swag!

You can also turn your denims to denim shorts, with same funky patch work.

Embellish your t-shirt with stones

After funky and hip hop styled patch work, let’s add a sparkling glamorous look to your old top wear. Take out some t-shirts, shirts, jumpers or fashion vests. Experiment with color and shape. You can go with one particular color or shape or can opt for as many different colors/shapes as you want.

Tug them on your front pockets, on collar, along the button line or just be messy – who cares?

A pen and your favorite quote

Who thought a bleach pen can be your magic wand? A cool thought in your mind and a bleach pen in hand – that’s all you need to give your wearable a makeover. Add a quirky thought to your old plain colored t-shirt or shirt or a boring flat sweatshirt. Isn’t it a great way to speak out your mind (wink)?

Splash some colors

It’s the most fun filled way of redesigning your old cloths. Dip a brush in paint and splash it on light colored shorts, pants or top. It will add a new spunky look to your style. Tip: Go for neon colors.


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