The Best Suggestions you will receive for Ready to go Make-up Bag!



It’s been a while since we last talked about make up or anything as glorifying, so here we are! The beauty blogs today present you the endless must have list. It is composed of exclusive make up products from luxurious brands. Practically, you can have only one or two product from that list because they are SO expensive. Even when you reach the store or start with your online hunt for a particular product, there are certain questions that hog down your mind- how should I use it, I will have to check out you tube. What if it didn’t suit my skin? Will I be able to use it while travelling? To put it all on rest, we have decided to give you the best advice for what items you should carry in your tiny little makeup kitty when you are stepping out of the house. These are basics and will work for every planned and any unplanned event/outing.

  1. Makeup primer

Usually the list starts with a foundation but we are putting makeup primer up on the top. Whether you use foundation, concealer or BB, a primer at base will hold on all of your makeup for longer hours and will keep it shiny. Even for your no makeup look, you can use it on eyelids, as an eye shadow and foundation. In short, it will be your jack of all trades. You can’t ask more for a primer is available for minimal cost!

  1. Beauty blender

It is the small egg thing that you have noticed in numerous makeup tutorials. If carrying 3-4 make up brushes is inconvenient, then a beauty blender will perfectly fit into your kit. It seamlessly blends and evenly distributes the layers of makeup especially foundation and concealer. It reaches the spots easily that makeup brushes fail to cover – around the corners and under the eye, area adjacent to nose.

  1. Pigmented concealer

Now this is our must have and it is readily available at easy prices. It is your magical brush to cover acne scars, lines, dark circles or even tattoos. If you apply it using beauty blender, it will perfectly even out the skin tone. A pigmented concealer makeup essential that will brighten up your look.

  1. Tinted Lip Balm

Vaseline or Boroline is good for application when you call it a day. You can’t carry it out for a fresh party look or just for a new day at office. Tinted Lip Balms are your savior. Instead of carrying 10 different lip colors for any probable event, carry a tinted lip balm as it will not only add a subtle shade to your lips but will also nurture the natural moisture and will keep it soft.


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