The Weekend Blog: 10 minutes for Easy Home Workout



After a long stressful week at your office, we are determined to help you ease some tension off. This Saturday and Sunday, spare 10 minutes for Home Workout.

Back Pull

Position 1

Position 2

Hold the two ends of towel in both hands. Raise your hands up above your head. Stretch your arms to the fullest. Hold this position for 30 sec and then bring your hands behind the head. Again hold this position for 30 sec. Now repeat the steps for 2 minutes.

Benefits – Great for back muscles, especially the shoulder blades muscles.

Towel Push-Ups

Position 1

Position 2

Give 4 folds to your towel and place it below your knees, just as shown in the picture. Now spread your arms wider than the shoulders. Make sure that your toes are touching the floor, and upper body is at 45 degrees.

Now slowly and steadily, take a deep breath and bring your upper body towards the floor with your weight resting on your hands. Repeat the steps for 2 minutes.

Benefits – Great for chest and arms.


Position 1

Position 2

First, lay straight on your back on the yoga mat. Now keeping the feet flat on the floor, hike your knees and make a pyramid with your legs (as shown in the pic). Straighten your arms and rest them on the sides.

Take a deep breath and then slowly push your bottoms up in the air while exhaling. Repeat these steps for 2 minutes and try not to touch the floor with lower back and bottoms until you are done.

Benefit – Great for Abdominals, Gluteus, Hamstrings

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