Work & Wardrobe: Best Styles to get them along



Mornings are always messy for office goers. From waking up to preparing breakfast – things are always hustled. Amid of all these, getting into impressive work clothes is a different struggle. Expressing your style choices through your work attire is struggling and that’s why we are here. Through this blog, we will introduce you to the best styles from a girl work wardrobe.

Tip: Never Ever mix up your daily closet with work wardrobe. It’ll help you save time and will unclutter your office style.

Strictly Official

Pick clothes that suit your best body feature. You may go for well-tailored suits, shirts that snug at your waistline, or which are long and sit comfortably at your hip. Color wise, you can never go wrong with right shades of red, blue, gray, white and black.

Tip: There is no need to go all plain with your outfits. You can always try minimalistic prints and stripes. These look cool and add a glamor to an otherwise dull office outfit.

Keep it minimal with the accessories – a single plated chain, the metal base bracelet will look good with maximum outfits.


Color Play

Not all jobs are boring and work around a pin drop disciplined atmosphere. If you are working at a place that wants you to be at your creative best, then play fair with colors, textures, prints. Don’t limit yourself to minimalistic designs. Go for bold – prints, textures and even colors. Try what you restrain from in strict formats – shades of yellow, orange, red, pink and green. If you are going for softer shades in plain, then add quirky accessories, go for heels and carry crazy bags.

Cool and Neutral

Now, this is the third and last category we will describe for work clothes. It is exactly a balance between being trendy and keeping it calm. Don’t experiment with prints, patterns or designs. Instead, go for the texture of the fabric. Get a velvet overcoat, blazer, cardigan or a silk scarf. You can pick shirts and coats with basic color but slightly different buttons. For accessories, travel in the 80’s – pearl or simple metallic







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