Food for Health – 2 Healthy Snack Recipes for the Weekend



We have talked a lot about Fashion. Today, for a change, we will talk about our second favorite thing – Healthy Eating. We know you are so caught up in your routine, juggling office meetings, social get together and in between finding sufficient time to catch your night’s sleep – you hardly have any time left to cook ‘healthy’ food.  As a result, you end up munching packaged snacks and takeaways. No doubt that these comfy snacks save your time but are definitely not comfortable on your budget and digestion.

We don’t have to list the list of chemical preservatives they are packed with to make you believe that these packaged snacks are not good for your health? (Or Do We?)

So be befikar, as today we are presenting a special platter of two yummy and healthy snacks, which are also quicker to make. So, let’s start –




This gooey paste might not appeal you, but this is the healthiest snack that you can prepare within few minutes. It is full of protein and healthy fats (thanks to olive oil) which can improve the blood cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of heart related ailments plus can keep the insulin and blood sugar levels under check. SO MUCH HEALTHY!

It’s pretty simple to make and you can use it multiple ways – as dip, spread, and salad dressing or in wraps. Dump your ingredients – chickpeas, veggies (anything that you can find in your fridge – carrots or eggplant, beans), olive oil, water, salt & pepper and lemon juice in the food processor, churn and Hummus is ready! See, it’s pretty easy to make.



This saucy and tangy snack is an all-time hit. Whether you are having a quiet evening or want to invite your friends over – salsa can save you from the trouble. It’s light and take minutes to prepare. The best part is – you can stash it in your fridge for months! Just grab some tomatoes, onions, garlic cloves, chilies, roasted veggies or fruits like mango (optional), salt and pepper together with lemon juice and blend them together. You just need to buy some plain chips or tortillas or nachos.



You can decide the consistency of salsa – puree form or small diced veggies. If you prefer chunky little pieces, then you can dice them small. Both ways, salsa is an awesome snack for your hunger.


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