Beat the Summer Heat with these Tips



‘Delli ki garmi’ is back and so is the scorching heat wave. It may seem too soon but the truth is doctors have already started attending the patients who have suffered heat strokes and exhaustion. This blog is not specifically for Delhiites but for people residing in every part of the country. It is important that you brace yourself against the hot weather as exposure to heat waves may guarantee your encounter with bacteria and germs leading to a weak immune, fatigue, stress, skin irritation, loss of appetite and breathing infection.

3 Keys to ensure safety from heat waves –

Cleanliness and Hygiene – Washing hands every time you touch anything infectious like after exiting metro or any public transportation, before and after eating meals or greeting people. Wash your face whenever you have time to get rid of sweat. Also, maintaining cleanliness levels at home is crucial as well. A Proper dusting to ensure dirt never sits too long on any of the objects you touch frequently – television, remote, chairs etc. Ensure that water doesn’t accumulate anywhere near your house –eliminate the danger of diseases like typhoid, malaria, and dengue.

Vitamin C – Known as an immunity booster, Vitamin C can protect you from diseases that are prone to weak immune.

Increase the liquid intake – Keep your body hydrated – don’t just drink to quench your thirst. It will save you from dehydration and will help in balancing the salt levels. Coconut water, Lemon Water, Mango drinks like aam panna, Buttermilk or lassi (sweetened or lassi).

To avoid acidity, indigestion and related problems – stay away from smoking, heavy greasy meals, excessive alcohol and stale hot drinks.


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