Tips for Sweat Proof Make-up



Getting ready for a party is tough in summers because sweating never allows your makeup to stay. You end up reapplying and sometimes, adding on to the layers of cosmetics, which not only costs you time, frustration, money but your personality which could have shone with a simple stroke of blusher.  Here are the best tips for sweat-proof make-up –

Tip 1:

Due to sweating, you might have been skipping the moisturizing part and for those who have oily skin, it is something they prefer to overlook. For the matter of fact, moisturizing skin is important for improving its tone and texture. Water based moisturizers are based if you are dealing with sweaty and oily skin whereas extra hydrating moisturizer is fit for dry skin.

Tip 2:

Carrying extra layers of cosmetics under the scorching sun when sweat is always trickling down the face is the worst! So instead of applying a moisturizer + sunscreen + foundation, go for all in 1 tinted moisturizer. It will keep you covered for all three. It will also act as a perfect base for makeup.

Tip 3:

Keep Blot papers handy as they will always come to your rescue on the hottest day. Washing face, or reapplying powder makeup will not do any good for your appearance. So take out the blotting paper and dab the sweat away!

Tip 4:

Keep rosewater in a small spray bottle with you. Gently spray it on your face when you have been out for more than 2 hours. It will blow away the drowsy look from your face, adding a refreshed glow.

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