These tips can save you from Fashion Disaster!



Earlier, we have discussed all that is trending in clothing, footwear, and fashion accessories but this time we will give you a far more valuable blog. Today we will give you the best fashion tips that can help you escape any disaster.

  1. Show off BUT sensibly

It is never about how sexy or glamorous you can look by showing off. Instead, you should pick or design your style that highlights any one specific part of your feature. For example, if you want to wear an off-shoulder top because it accentuates your collar bones, then avoid teaming it up with hot pants. Similarly, a knee length skirt should be avoided with a backless top. The idea is simple – if you ensemble a look that reveals every best feature of yours all at once, then you have scored a duck, my dear! So next time – keep it one at a time.

2. Go Bright with Accessories

If you are a person of grays, blacks, whites, and everything neutral then ALWAYS prefer carrying a bright fashion accessory whenever you are stepping out. Handbags, clutches, mobile cases, footwear – try to keep them bright. They need not be sparkling with brightest hues causing flashes in the eye!

3. It’s Lycra for the Shape!

You may not have heard or read it before or might not have explored fabrics scientifically before but lycra is the best to enhance the shape of your legs, hips, and thighs. Yes, ideally your jeans/trouser should have ATLEAST 3% of lycra in fabric to provide that necessary stretch. It will allow your skin to breathe properly, will help your lower muscle reflex and of course, will add a stride of confidence and not to forget – comfort to your walk.

4. Scarf it up!

No, this is not any old school hang-around-the-neck thing. Stash your wardrobe with three or four scarves in different designs and patterns. This minimal piece of cloth is well enough to spice up your daily look. T-shirt, Kurta or shirt – it’ll transform the way you style.

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