Places that’ll kindle your travel desires!



Honestly, most of us plan a vacation because it is our only escape route. We want to run away from the cacophony of the concrete jungles, from the thoughts our brain babbles day and night, from the anxiety and the fear that drives us crazy whenever we are alone. But have you ever planned a trip to explore your connection with Mother Nature? Just to discover yourself? Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with philosophical self – discovery tales because we have a better option. This blog has encapsulated few ‘bucket list’ places and believe us, these are inspirational enough for your next trip!

  1. Scuba Dive in Andaman

Islands nestled at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, this place will introduce you to the unseen underwater world. Breathe in the tranquility of Andaman and just dive into the water. Even if you have fear of deep waters, we recommend a scuba dive here – not only it’ll help you escape the deepest fears but will create memories for life!

Travel Advice:

The best time to pack your bags is in between the months of November to May. If you want to fly down, then Vir Savarkar Airport will be your landing spot. Or else, you can ship your way through the waters of Haddo Wharf Port in Port Blair and cities of Chennai, Kolkata, & Vizag. However, you will have to reach these places through other transport – train, bus or private car.

2. Wander on the Ghats of Banaras

Internet Bucket lists may not have included this city, neither might you have heard about the enthusiastic travel tales of Banaras but you must experience Banaras once in your lifetime. The mesmerizing and scenic views of calm banks and Ghats submerged in divine lights, the melody of aartis will fill your soul for ‘Shakti and sampurnta’. Take a boat right in the early hours of the evening, when the sun is just about to take the dip – you will be mesmerized for your lifetime.

Travel Advice:

The best time to pack your bags is in between the months of October to February. You can fly down to Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport of Varanasi. Or else, you can travel through the train. Kashi Railway Station and Varanasi Junction.

3. The Indian Scotland – Coorg

The beautiful city is nestled in between the emerald hills towards the southern part of Karnataka. If you are working in Banglore, then it is the best weekend getaway you can ask for. The place is also popular as the Scotland of South India. The scenic beauty of Coorg will take your breath away!

Travel Advice:

The best time to pack your bags is in between the months of October to March. Flying down will not take you to Coorg directly as the domestic airport is nearly 200 km away, whereas international airport is 300 km away. Both airports are in Mangalore and Banglore. Indian Railways can take you to the Mysore Junction, which is about 100 km apart from the ultimate travel destination – Coorg.

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