New Age Music Speakers which you can buy today



This time we are here to bring info about some tech and music stuff we think you’ll like. Talking about the music, we have got bored of reviewing the same old Sony-JBL-Skullcandy pieces. So, in this blog we are going to introduce you to some good quality, excellent performing speaker from brands you might not have heard of but they have been earning the points on the tables in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and parts of Europe. You can find them easily online in case you want to purchase any one of these.
The Bluetooth speakers we will be talking about cover two main size categories, price, and sound profile, so you can easily find a piece suiting your music preference.

Klipsch, the One Bluetooth Speaker

 Isn’t it a beauty? In a market full of plastics, metals and easy grip rubbers, this wooden case masterpiece is a dynamic tech device that blares awesome music and looks elegant in your living room. The best part- its highest levels are far- far better than those thumping music blasters. It serves every single percussion layer-wise – you can enjoy the music as it was created. Talking about its Bluetooth connectivity – just switch it on and it’ll automatically detect the nearby smartphone. It can be your perfect at home music house just keep it away from water.

Anker SoundCore Sport XL

IP67 – Waterproof. The very speaker that can star your pool parties or the one you can place on the shower shelf. It is a normal looking, can sit in a pocket type speaker. It has a powerful sound profile suitable for outdoor playing. The SoundCore Sport XL comes with two USB ports – one to charge up your smartphone and second to fuel up the speaker. You’ll also find a point for Aux input if your smartphone or music source doesn’t support Bluetooth. The sound profile is congestion free, I mean it will never play muffled sound (unless you are playing one!), it’s clear and sharp – best for bass favored songs. Overall, it is cool, easy to carry around and easier to drop in water!

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