Ghee for cooking: a healthy option



Our Dadi and Nani always used desi ghee to prepare lip smacking food and sweet dishes. From food to home remedies for various health problems like cold, fever or body ache, ghee was used as an active ingredient.

Times changed and our so called ‘healthy diet’ no more allows us to indulge in ghee-rich food. Just to remind you the health benefits of ghee and how introducing it to everyday cooking, you can actually welcome some healthy benefits. Let’s take a look –

Better than noxious cooking oil

Normal vegetable oils are not fit for health

It may sound surprising, but the regular vegetable oils are not fit for health. These are loaded with Trans Fats and if cooked on high flame, generate the higher amount of harmful compounds. Desi Ghee neither matches the levels of Trans Fat of these oils nor quantity of harmful compounds produced when normal cooking oil is heated to the higher temperature.

Higher Smoke Point

Desi Ghee has high smoking Point

As mentioned above, ghee doesn’t produce the levels of toxic compounds which a cooking oil does. Desi ghee is the most suitable for cooking at high temperature because it has a high smoking point and hence will not burn.

Good for Digestion

Ghee is the best for Digestive System

Yes, you heard it right – good for gut health, reduces soreness and triggers the digestion process- thanks to short-chain saturated fats. Also, it has the larger amount of unsaturated fatty acid – that means quick fat loss!


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