Photographs that’ll remind you the childhood days of 90’s



X-box Play stations, snapchat, McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and YouTube – that’s what childhood is about today. But for 90’s kid, childhood was filled with flavors of joy that came packed in colorful wrappers, the taste of classic chocolate filled biscuits, tattoos that came wrapped around chewing gums and shaktiman we loved to watch on Doordarshan. Let’s revisit the old lanes of our childhood through these pictures –

The Tube filled with Ice-Candy

These came in different colors of red, yellow, cola for just Rs. 2. When children today love their fill of ice krushers (which costs Rs. 100 or plus), don’t you miss those small ice candy tubes?

Pack of tiny chatpati digestive balls

Yes, these were good for digestion but more than that, we loved the chatpatapan of the candies. The baby elephant reminds of the notorious games we played. It was not the candy but minutes of laughter and happiness that we purchased in Re. 1.


The Childhood swag of holding sweet cigarettes

Who owned this special mickey-Donald wonders edition of Cadbury pack?

Remember the big bubble balloon games we played with our friends in recess?


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