Healthy Habits to keep you fit this Monsoon



Monsoon around the corner and risk of infection, fever among other Immune-deficient diseases is sailing high. Don’t leave it up to doctors’ prescribed medicine, we can suggest some immunity boosters which are easy to locate and will help you brace against season borne diseases –

Switch to the organic or green versions of tea –

Green Tea is not just a part of healthy weight loss regimen but is also known as the immune booster. There are a variety of herbal blends available on the market – jasmine, chamomile, honey, lemon grass and much more. Especially chamomile green tea, this flavor full refreshing variant is filled with antioxidants which are a stress buster and fuels up the immune system. So if you are struggling with exertion and body ache, this tea can do wonders by calming your nerves.

Get your fill of Vitamin D

In general, we focus more on calcium, iron supplements or to complete the whole grounds, we take in a multivitamin. Vitamin D especially is that one essential component that absorbs other important nutrients like calcium, magnesium, phosphate, and zinc among others. So if you take enough dosage of vitamin D (on doctor consultation) then you can also beat the risks of immune prone diseases like arthritis, cancer, and others. For an organic substitute, indulge in mushroom or egg yolk.

Garlic – the savior

It has gastronomical benefits, good for the heart, blood and of course, immunity. A garlic clove a day, will keep blood pressure under control and have we mentioned it is really good for digestive system?

Sweat, rest and eat in control

Yes, this is the golden 3-word mantra. It is important that you keep your body muscles active, ensure the proper circulation of blood and lots of oxygen intake. It will keep you active and will also boost your immune system. If not a gym person, you can practice yoga or stretching at home. Fresh morning walk is always recommended. Now if you are sweating and stretching, it is also your responsibility to give your body a rest. Take power naps and full 7-hour sleep. Last, eat healthy, and non-greasy food. If your hunger is satisfied, do not over indulge in any food. It will also help you in keeping cholesterol levels under check.

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