Try infused waters for a healthy, delicious detox



Have you ever wondered why we drink water? Yes, it is best used to quench the thirst, it balances the water element of the body and helps us survive. But what about other elaborate reasons and uses it has – like as a detoxifying and weight loss agent. Haven’t heard about it before? This blog is surely going to help you with that.

Infused Waters are the latest trend in health and diet industry. Every social and other media platform is swarmed by the benefits these detox drinks are offering. Infused waters are refreshing in looks and taste as well. There are no preservatives, added chemicals or anything that could be termed as ‘junkie’ in the food category.

H2O is a known benefited from the gastrointestinal system, as it flushes out toxins along with all other compounds/substances that may turn down the metabolic activities resulting in nausea, fatigue and of course, weak immune. When water is combined with the fresh cut of fruits and green herbs, the drink has reinforced the ability to score zero calories, to pump in the refreshed flow of energy and to aid in weight loss.

Try your hands –

There are as many variants of this wonder drink, but we will give you a hint of two or more. Just put all ingredients in a mason jar and leave them overnight–

#Variant 1

Apple, a pinch of Cinnamon, a pinch of Himalayan/rock salt + Water

#Variant 2

Sliced lemons, a piece of Ginger, Handful of fresh basil leaves + Water

#Variant 3

Cucumber and Watermelon pieces, Mint leaves + Water

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