Fashion for Curves: Time to say good bye to shabby and over-sized clothes



A style is never defined by the size and shape of a human figure. It is, in fact, the true liberal form of expression that tells a lot about your mood and personality. So, if someone is telling you to reduce kilos from your weight so that you can fit into some dress or in the name of fashion just avoid it like any other ramble and it would be best if you could serve them with a befitting reply.

This blog is dedicated to all girls who love to create their own style instead of copying, and love to embrace fashion that accentuates their curves. We want to suggest you styles that focus positive attention on your figure instead of overshadowing your body frame.

  • You might be under impression that oversized fitting is the only outfit option curvy people have, but it is not the case at all. In fact, the first step towards positive styling is discarding the wrong fit clothing, accessories, and footwear. Be more cautious about the fabric you choose, it should be comfortable enough. Scan your wardrobe and keep only specific clothing outfits in the oversize tone like t-shirts and shirts. Even for these clothing pieces, don’t go beyond +1 to your existing size.

  • Add waist belts to your ensemble – ones which are broader. You can experiment with the color, print, and design according to your present wardrobe. It will complement the curves around the waist instead of adding a shabby look which in general loose clothing does. So ultimately, it will make you look slender.

  • Make lines in vertical your best pal. Such design pattern adds an illusion of height to your frame and makes your body look more toned. Apart from lines and verticals, you can go for mild color-based patterns.

  • If you are shorter in height, then close round neck and closed collar necks are a big no-no. Instead, go for deep v necks, and if you are kind of can’t-live-without-round neck- person, then you can go for deep scoop neck. V lines are best known to add height and accentuate the slender neck look to your style.

  • For those who love ethnic styles, straight cut is your mantra to follow. Suits, Kurtas or ethnic jackets – all should be in the straight cut. As talked above, go for diagonal and color block patterns and choose v neckline over the traditional round neck types.

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