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Flipkart Apple Days: Save up to Rs. 26,000 on your favorite Apple Device!



Flipkart’s Apple Days is the latest reason to swing with a smile for the people who love to spend and of course, those who love apple. You got it right, the Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart has announced a three-day sale for everything with a tag of Apple. The sale has already started on the 24th i.e. on Monday and will be there for 2 more days – till 26th April i.e. Wednesday.

Over a million active online shoppers can garner the benefits of some amazing offers that include deals and discounts on iPhone (7|7 Plus, 6|6s, 5s|SE), MacBook Pro, Apple Smartwatch and other apple accessories. However the Rs. 20,000 Off on iPhone 7 (256 GB) is crowned as the ‘loot deal’.

Unlike other sales, you can pick any color from the collection as the iPhone 7 is available in all color variants – silver, jet black, gold and Rose gold as well. After deducting the cash discount, iPhone 7 will amount to Rs. 59,999, but you can get it for further relieved prices. After the Rs. 20,000 discount, iPhone 7 will still be applicable for exchange discount up to Rs. 19,000. To double your excitement, Flipkart is also offering an extra 5% off on Axis Bank Buzz Credit Cards.

Other iPhone variants have some amazing discounts and exchange discounts as well. All the gadgets and accessories under this sale have 5% discount from Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card. If you want to go for something grand like Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, then you will be delighted with additional 10% discount up to Rs. 1500 on other banks’ debit and credit cards + exchange offer of up to Rs. 15,000.

So, don’t just sit there, click here and grab your favorite apple gadget at less price!


Poster of Salman’s Tubelight is here, & God, he is looking too adorable!



Bollywood lovers, a big reason for cheer is here! Salman Khan has introduced his first look for this year’s Eid release. Yes, the poster of Sallu’s movie of the year is out and we can’t stop gushing over it. Boots tied together with a string hanging around his neck, clad in a sleeveless sweater and a full sleeve checkered shirt, Salman Khan is looking innocent in the first movie poster of Tubelight.

Salman took to twitter to bring forward Tubelight’s first poster. However, he played a little tease game with his followers when he tweeted the very first poster that showed his back with a line ‘Kya tumhe yakeen Hai?’  In this poster too, his look was docile.



Salman khan tweeted the second poster of his upcoming movie with the caption – “Peace, Respect, Love and Light in your life from the Tubelight team.” The shade of dust and sand is dominating the poster. At the bottom of the poster is a war scene, clearly indicating that this drama is set around the war fields.



Talking about the cast and crew, this movie is directed by Kabir Khan who has previously directed Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, both titled as a blockbuster at collection window. The film also stars Chinese star Zhu Zhu, Sohail Khan and Shahrukh Khan in a special guest appearance.



Beat the Summer Heat with these Tips



‘Delli ki garmi’ is back and so is the scorching heat wave. It may seem too soon but the truth is doctors have already started attending the patients who have suffered heat strokes and exhaustion. This blog is not specifically for Delhiites but for people residing in every part of the country. It is important that you brace yourself against the hot weather as exposure to heat waves may guarantee your encounter with bacteria and germs leading to a weak immune, fatigue, stress, skin irritation, loss of appetite and breathing infection.

3 Keys to ensure safety from heat waves –

Cleanliness and Hygiene – Washing hands every time you touch anything infectious like after exiting metro or any public transportation, before and after eating meals or greeting people. Wash your face whenever you have time to get rid of sweat. Also, maintaining cleanliness levels at home is crucial as well. A Proper dusting to ensure dirt never sits too long on any of the objects you touch frequently – television, remote, chairs etc. Ensure that water doesn’t accumulate anywhere near your house –eliminate the danger of diseases like typhoid, malaria, and dengue.

Vitamin C – Known as an immunity booster, Vitamin C can protect you from diseases that are prone to weak immune.

Increase the liquid intake – Keep your body hydrated – don’t just drink to quench your thirst. It will save you from dehydration and will help in balancing the salt levels. Coconut water, Lemon Water, Mango drinks like aam panna, Buttermilk or lassi (sweetened or lassi).

To avoid acidity, indigestion and related problems – stay away from smoking, heavy greasy meals, excessive alcohol and stale hot drinks.


Celebrity Fashion: Take cue from Deepika Padukone’s Style Statement



Deepika’s dimpled smile, her charm and charisma has captivated Bollywood and Hollywood. She is indeed the trend setter for the fashion followers of our age. So, for our Celebrity Fashion of the week, we will give you 4 styles which Deepika was spotted in and can be your dream look too!

A Casual White-Black-Blue Look

White and blue denim look is an all-time hit but few can add a zing with their personal style touch. Deepika did the same with her casual denim ‘airport’ look. She was seen in an extra-long sleeved (not any regular sleeve) white shirt, which seemed to be knitted with feather light material. The shirt, as you can see in the picture is all about layers. She added a zing with a black Michael Jackson inspired Jacket. The jacket is left open so that the beautiful layers are put for perfect display. Another bold addition to her appearance were Alice and Olivia shoes in dark tan leather brown and black.

Floral touch to the traditional Look

Sabyasachi is known for his outstanding and mesmerizing ethnic wear designs. This white sari with pink and green floral print, golden boarder and elegant pink blouse with gold on it is a true stunner! This sari will add glamour to your summer wardrobe for sure. You can either go minimalist with jewelry or can go with no jewelry at all.

For footwear, lip and nail color, you can put on pastel shades or can experiment with glittery golden.

Over sized Sweat and Skirt Look

Word of Caution – Choose this look only if you are confident enough. Although it’s light and easy but a slight line of doubt on your face can make or your impression.

It can’t go easier and effort free than it already is! A simple sheer skirt in black and an oversized black sweatshirt – it’s the new age cool. She added a pair of white sneakers, but you can experiment something shiny and brighter with it.

Food for Health – 2 Healthy Snack Recipes for the Weekend



We have talked a lot about Fashion. Today, for a change, we will talk about our second favorite thing – Healthy Eating. We know you are so caught up in your routine, juggling office meetings, social get together and in between finding sufficient time to catch your night’s sleep – you hardly have any time left to cook ‘healthy’ food.  As a result, you end up munching packaged snacks and takeaways. No doubt that these comfy snacks save your time but are definitely not comfortable on your budget and digestion.

We don’t have to list the list of chemical preservatives they are packed with to make you believe that these packaged snacks are not good for your health? (Or Do We?)

So be befikar, as today we are presenting a special platter of two yummy and healthy snacks, which are also quicker to make. So, let’s start –




This gooey paste might not appeal you, but this is the healthiest snack that you can prepare within few minutes. It is full of protein and healthy fats (thanks to olive oil) which can improve the blood cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of heart related ailments plus can keep the insulin and blood sugar levels under check. SO MUCH HEALTHY!

It’s pretty simple to make and you can use it multiple ways – as dip, spread, and salad dressing or in wraps. Dump your ingredients – chickpeas, veggies (anything that you can find in your fridge – carrots or eggplant, beans), olive oil, water, salt & pepper and lemon juice in the food processor, churn and Hummus is ready! See, it’s pretty easy to make.



This saucy and tangy snack is an all-time hit. Whether you are having a quiet evening or want to invite your friends over – salsa can save you from the trouble. It’s light and take minutes to prepare. The best part is – you can stash it in your fridge for months! Just grab some tomatoes, onions, garlic cloves, chilies, roasted veggies or fruits like mango (optional), salt and pepper together with lemon juice and blend them together. You just need to buy some plain chips or tortillas or nachos.



You can decide the consistency of salsa – puree form or small diced veggies. If you prefer chunky little pieces, then you can dice them small. Both ways, salsa is an awesome snack for your hunger.


*Image courtesy Google

Work & Wardrobe: Best Styles to get them along



Mornings are always messy for office goers. From waking up to preparing breakfast – things are always hustled. Amid of all these, getting into impressive work cloths is a different struggle. Expressing your style choices through your work attire is struggling and that’s why we are here. Through this blog, we will introduce you to the best styles from a girl work wardrobe.

Tip: Never Ever mix up your daily closet with work wardrobe. It’ll help you save time and will unclutter your office style.

Strictly Official

Pick clothes that suit your best body feature. You may go for well-tailored suits, shirts that snug at your waist line, or which are long and sit comfortably at your hip. Color wise, you can never go wrong with right shades of red, blue, gray, white and black.

Tip: There is no need to go all plain with your outfits. You can always try minimalistic prints and stripes. These look cool and add a glamour to otherwise dull office outfit.

Keep it minimal with the accessories – a single pated chain, metal base bracelet will look good with maximum outfits.


Color Play

Not all jobs are boring and work around a pin drop disciplined atmosphere. If you are working at a place that wants you to be at your creative best, then play fair with colors, textures, prints. Don’t limit yourself to minimalistic designs. Go for bold – prints, textures and even colors. Try what you restrain from in strict formals – shades of yellow, orange, red, pink and green. If you are going for softer shades in plain, then add quirky accessories, go for heels and carry crazy bags.

Cool and Neutral

Now this is the third and last category we will describe for work clothes. It is exactly a balance between being trendy and keeping it calm. Don’t experiment with prints, patterns or designs. Instead, go for texture of the fabric. Get a velvet overcoat, blazer, cardigan or a silk scarf. You can pick shirts and coats with basic color but slightly different buttons. For accessories, travel in the 80’s – pearl or simple metallic

The Weekend Blog: 10 minutes for Easy Home Workout



After a long stressful week at your office, we are determined to help you ease some tension off. This Saturday and Sunday, spare 10 minutes for Home Workout.

Back Pull

Position 1

Position 2

Hold the two ends of towel in both hands. Raise your hands up above your head. Stretch your arms to the fullest. Hold this position for 30 sec and then bring your hands behind the head. Again hold this position for 30 sec. Now repeat the steps for 2 minutes.

Benefits – Great for back muscles, especially the shoulder blades muscles.

Towel Push-Ups

Position 1

Position 2

Give 4 folds to your towel and place it below your knees, just as shown in the picture. Now spread your arms wider than the shoulders. Make sure that your toes are touching the floor, and upper body is at 45 degrees.

Now slowly and steadily, take a deep breath and bring your upper body towards the floor with your weight resting on your hands. Repeat the steps for 2 minutes.

Benefits – Great for chest and arms.


Position 1

Position 2

First, lay straight on your back on the yoga mat. Now keeping the feet flat on the floor, hike your knees and make a pyramid with your legs (as shown in the pic). Straighten your arms and rest them on the sides.

Take a deep breath and then slowly push your bottoms up in the air while exhaling. Repeat these steps for 2 minutes and try not to touch the floor with lower back and bottoms until you are done.

Benefit – Great for Abdominals, Gluteus, Hamstrings

Priyanka Chopra on the Cover of Marie Claire: A Stunning Appearance



After uncountable sparkling appearances on big television shows, flaunting her infectious style statement in big red carpet events, leading the most coveted role in a popular star world show Quantico, our desi girl Priyanka Chopra is crowning the cover of Marie Claire.
The Bajirao Mastani star can be seen in an exquisite Gucci Outfit, embellished black leather harness shrug and exotic hair styling. PeeCee shared Marie Claire’s April edition on her Instagram account. In her post, she tells more about this latest edition –
@priyankachopra – My new cover…April #vibes @marieclairemag ❤❤❤ story link in bio, on stands March 21st!

The April edition of the fashion publication tags Priyanka Chopra as Hollywood’s Most Bankable Badass. She’ll be soon kicking some butts in Baywatch as the main antagonist Victoria Leeds. Bollywood Box Office has been missing Priyanka Chopra for quite a time now, but has also been ravishing the glory former Miss World is bringing for the country.

                                        Playing it Cool!

Priyanka has been slaying Instagram with her cool fashion statement. Recently she was seen celebrating Holi with Jimmy Fallon on the sets of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the pics tell us she had a hell of fun there!

PeeCee Celebrated Holi with Jimmy Fallon this year

Priyanka modeled the latest spring summer collection for Marie Claire and you can check out the images here –

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