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5 Winter Skincare Tips You shouldn’t Miss



The warmth of bonfire, the coziness of woolens, the deliciousness of food rich in ghee and dry fruits – winters bring along the fervor in our lives. But what our skin feels in the rawness of winter is a different story. It has to battle dryness, itchiness and dullness. The real confusion starts when you have to scroll through various winter beauty products and still you are unable to put your finger on one product, because your skin type doesn’t match with that winter product.  From there you start your online quest for winter solutions and end up with expensive options that may include argan or tea tree oils.

We are ready to amaze you with hand picked ‘winter miracle products’ that could be easily found at home. So let us begin the search of following ingredients –

Fruity Face Pulp



The chilliness of icy winter winds do no good for your aging skin. Yes, aging is a natural process and we can’t stop the nature without any artificial hindrance. But we can nurture our skin with healthy fruity ingredients. Banana and Papaya are the best go-to ingredients for healthy and younger skin. These fruits combined with honey can revitalize your skin at the deeper levels, boosting the younger side.

Coconut Oil


Getting a good chumpi with warm coconut oil is an experience of heaven. Just as coconut oil does wonders for your hair scalp, it is beneficiary for your facial skin too. Gentle massage of this oil to your skin locks the moisture, hydrates and helps the outermost skin layer relax. That means no more dry, itchy and tight skin. Wash your face with cold or lukewarm water before going to bed and massage coconut oil with gentle strokes to your skin.



We love desi ghee in our food as it boosts body health from inside. Applying ghee on dry and dehydrated lips is better than any lip balm. Liquify the ghee by warming it, and gently rub it on your chapped lips. After few days of application, you will notice that now lips are well moisturized and softer than ever. It will also restore the natural pink color of your lips.
Honey and Lemon


Yes, they are a great companion in your weight loss journey and keep your digestive system happy and healthy. The concoction of these two can alleviate the prickly itching of the skin. Generally the dehydration leads  to skin irritation. Honey and lemon are the best natural ingredients for winters.

Olives and Egg


And we have saved the best for last. Olive oil and egg yolk have the best nourishing properties that enhance natural glow of the skin. Winters generally leave skin dull but protein and  Vitamin E nurtures skin and nourishes it back to a radiating glow.

Here is World’s First Wireless Charging Hybrid Laptop by Dell



The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada gave us a glimpse of Planet earth’s very first wireless charging Laptop. While tech experts and commentators couldn’t stop gushing over this masterpiece, we stole a moment to give you a sneak peak before it actually enters the market.


This hybrid laptop has bowled us over with its advance guard design. So we decided to steal a look from the CES. You can watch it here.

Dell 2-in-1 Latitude 7285 comes with dock charging. The WiTricity Magnetic Resonance technology and WiGig docking has eliminated those bulky charging cables and adapters. WiTricity are known as wireless power innovators.the magnetic resonance technology allows power through surfaces, spatial freedom and multiple device charging. Dell will surely launch devices compatible to this charging dock in future.


You just have to pick up and place back the latitude 7285 onto the WiGig Dock or power mat (a nickname) to disconnect and connect to the charging.

For other specs, it has a brilliant 2880X1920 pixel resolution for a 12 inch screen display. Powered by Intel’s 7th Generation Kaby Lake Chipset with RAM of 8GB and 16GB (for different models).This wireless wonder offers storage of 512 GB and extra microSD card support.

The detachable screen gives you an option to use it as a tablet which has 8 MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. In tablet mode, you can use it’s battery for 6 hours, whereas as a laptop you can enjoy uninterrupted battery supply of 9 hours.


That’s not it. The Dell 2-in-1 latitude 7285 comes with two keyboards – productivity and travel keyboards.

Wear Your Leather Jackets in SWAG



The year has started with flying colors, all thanks to Myntra’s End of Season Sale, which will run till 7th January. You can shop for amazing fashion at whopping 80% discount. Fashion and winter chills fused in the air, we decided to give some styling gyaan for season’s favorite ‘Leather Jackets’.

Lather Jackets are the classiest and the most elegant fashion statement. With black and brown being the hottest color choices, we will suggest you to go for vibrant color selection. Let’s do it differently this year –

*As we were saying -Go colorful this year. We are done with all black and brown. Pick a leather jacket in teal green, wine red, hue of yellow and pair it with denims and contrasting t-shirt.



 *Who said leather don’t go with formals? Pick earthy tones of cotton shirts, pair them with nicely creased trousers and oxford cut shoes.


*If going for different colors, you should check out the cut and stitch of the leather jacket. A right cut and confidence in your stride is all you need for a brighter look.


*There are other variants of leather which will look dapper. Like instead of a regular jacket, you can go for alternated leather sleeved jacket or leather patchwork. Pair them with funky styled denims – ripped jeans, color washed denims or trousers with different color patches.



Your 2017 Beauty Resolutions are Here!



Beauty Resolution

Let’s brace this new year with healthy habits for mind, body and soul. It’s time to break the stereotypical lifestyle and lookout for better life hacks. This beauty blog will reveal smart and no sweat beauty hacks. Here we go –

Micellar Lotion, Cleanser and Makeup Remover

Since we have started our new year with winter chills, our first suggestion might interest you. We all hate retiring to bed with layers of makeup on and going for that old cleansing regimen is even tougher in biting cold. A micellar water constitutes tiny oil cleansing molecules.  It’s your lotion, cleanser and makeup remover and is a easiest way out.  

Switch to Sheet mask

To add to our laziness is a sloppy and sometimes muddy face pack. Homemade face packs bring along difficult stains which take forever to leave their imprints from cloths. That’s why you must try sheet packs which are also popular as ‘lazy girl’s facial’. It is a thin cotton sheet soaked in serum, which revitalize, brightens and pampers your skin.

An all rounder SPF

Pick your SPF lotion more wisely. Instead of applying 3-4 different creams and gels, it is wise to go for a SPF that offers basic skin fixtures. Depending on Your skin type, go for SPF that offers intense hydration, anti – ageing or moisturisation.

Change your pillow

We didn’t want to startle you with this unusual beauty advice, so we decided to keep it for the last. We bet you have never thought about pillow as a beauty enhancer before. Every Night when you rest your face on the pillow, all the facial oils stick to the surface of the fabric. It may cause acne and oily skin. Silk pillows will help maintain skin moisture and less friction will prevent hair breakage. Bring silk pillows and turn your sleep to beauty nap.

Gadget Review: Skullcandy Sport Wireless Earbuds



What a perfect way to start a new year! We have decided to give a musical start to 2017 with Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless Earbuds.

When Apple’s last year launch erased the audio jack from iPhone 7 & 7 plus, Google searches for wireless ‘earphones’ suddenly increased. People were definitely intrigued with this wireless listening aid, even if they were not part of iPhone fan club. And carrying the weight of those ‘head’phones, including wire-free ones, is not everyone’s cup of tea.



Too busy to solve your wire trouble?

These ultra modern wireless in-ear plugs are what we all need today. Whether you are driving a car, travelling in public transport, sweating on treadmill or bracing the mundane office routine- these refreshing new Skullcandy SPORT will save you from dangling troubles!




After analyzing all of previous year releases in this category, we happily settled with Sport Method Wireless Earbuds. However, you may find it’s Rs. 5,299 price tag bit high, but Amazon is offering decent discount. You can check it out here.



The earbuds are super comfortable in ear as they are weightless and soft. The rubbery cords emerging from FlexSport Collar connect 2 earbuds. This FlexSport Collar ensure enhanced wearing comfort-ability. The material will not leave any kind of rashes to your neck, regardless of the sweating condition. The wireless earbuds are crafted to perfection as they are best in class when it comes to durability, sweat and moisture resistance. Also, these earbuds will snuggle into your ears, without spilling out even if you are constantly moving.


The volume controls are present on the band, so you can easily reduce or increase the volume levels. If you want to answer or disconnect a call, or turn off/on earphones, press the logo-button. A USB port is present at the end of the band for charging options. Skullcandy Sport Method wireless earplugs come with 9 hour playback time.

We are impressed with the sound quality as it is packed with noise cancellation, which helps you concentrate in your workout and devour the music playing in your ears.

The best part is that Skullcandy package comes with different earplugs which you can select accordingly. As we have earlier said, the price tag of Rs. 5, 299 is bit high, but if you don’t want to mix quality and rarely found perfect fit of wireless earbuds with price, then this is the best pick of the category.

Magic Food to Beat the Winter Blues



Christmas is gone and new year is at the doorstep – winters are busy as always. Endless parties, open terrace get together on a warm sunny day and cool barbecue nights keep us wrapped in this chilly weather of festivities. But just like any other season, winters come with its own set of do’s and don’s. You can’t keep yourself away from heavy greasy food and hot fashion trends. Ignorantly, you end up with winter infections – bacterial or viral.

Here is our list of miracle food to help you beat the winter blues –

  • As kids we all hated Sualin tablets but we have a better fix. Instead of taking in as tablets, take mulethi with adrak or ginger. You can boil them in water and add honey or, sip them as a hot morning tea.  It will protect you from cold, sore throat and inflammation.


  • Vitamin C, Fibers and Antioxidants are the health boosters. Instead of popping supplementary tablets, add them to your diet in form of fruits – Apples, Oranges and Guava. These power fruits will boost your immune system and hence your ability to fight viruses.


  • Greens are winter’s’ favorite color. Try to eat as much green and leafy vegetables as you can. Add them in your salad, pastas, eat with breads, bake them or boil them to soup. These leaves are rich in calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin K and fiber.

Eat your greens ~ spinach, broccoli, curly lettuce and asparagus. Healthy eating.

  • At last, it’s time for rich and creamy besan ka halwa. Alright, it’s not a halwa in true sense but is equally appetizing. Roast besan and desi ghee in a pan, add milk and sugar to taste. Cook it for a while on first medium and then simmer flame. Add dry fruits on top. It will guarantee a sound night’s sleep and will help treat heavy cold with phlegm.



Color your Home with New Decor for 2017




Christmas and New Year Preps are at peak. With blazing festive energy flowing around, you just can’t keep yourself from shopping. You can’t put into words the joy of bringing-in new colors, fabrics or shapes in different packages. This time, let’s welcome the bold new colors into our lives & let’s paint the upcoming year in electrifying spirits. What could be more welcoming than giving a transforming streaks to your home decor? So here we are with our suggestions, to inspire a new look for your abode.

Before picking up the best and unusual trends for your home, we have searched and studied many interior blogs, insta, pinterest posts. We have picked up those tips which garnered most likes and shares across the social media.

Rainbow Colors: Take a resolution to leave boring colors behind in 2016. Experiment with bold, vibrant hues. Colors have the power to affect different aspects of life including the moods.


Handicrafts : Hand crafted decor jewels like handwoven carpets, painted ceramics and other traditional ideas to decorate your adobe are going to be the hottest trend in 2017. It’s a great way to support our craftspeople. It will bring a swell in sales of textile and handicrafts industries. What more to say, the decorative ideas from artisans are full of rustic charm and elegance from old times.


Bronze, Gunmetal, Copper – Or you can pick other favorites in metallic home decor pieces. Even a single metallic articraft can give a distinctive look. Pick soft colors if you are going for more than 2 or 3 pieces.


After Abstract Paintings, get Geometric Shapes – For the ultra modern touch to your cosy and ‘overly homie’ abode, geometric decor pieces will be a great choice. Dump those square cushions and cylinder side pillows and pick triangles, circles and hexagons – in shapes, designs as well as patterns. These quirky designs will add colors of fun and joy to your home.


Find best deals and discounts for your home makeover here. Get best offer coupons from pepperfry, FabFurnish and Housefull.

Flipkart Smartbuy : All You Need to Know About Newest Brand



With sizable customer base, a business does take its share of risks.   After all, you have to use such platform extensively.  Flipkart has launched its private brand called ‘Flipkart Smartbuy’.  The brand will sell  high class products at affordable price range in the home and electronics category (for now).  After its previous ‘not so successful’ brands Flippd, Citron and Digiflip, Flipkart is fully armored to make its newest launch a grand success.


At starting phase, there will be only two categories of electronics and home. Under which, cables, headphones, power banks, speakers, home decor, furniture and other furnishings will be sold. This time, Flipkart has been framing the map-work from months.  Its targeting the customer base with best quality at better price. For this new umbrella brand, Flipkart has worked closely with manufacturers to create best quality products at prices less than what market is already offering.


The procurement of a major digital content platform Mime360 and a mobile marketing start-up Appiterate has indeed strengthened the hold of the Indian e-commerce giant on mobile and digital platform. Although it’s first biggest bargain called “Big Billion Day” sale in 2014 couldn’t churn big profits, it’s move to acquire Myntra,which later acquired Jabong was well appreciated. Yes, these two acquisitions alone granted Flipkart an access to additional 15 million customer base.  At present, Flipkart has around 75 million registered customers (approx.).

After Godrej’s Nature’s Basket, Amazon’s  private labels are successfully paying off all the investments, eyes are set on Flipkart Smartbuy. What are your views? Do share them in comments below.

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